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Servicing the mining industry, restaurants, resorts, hotels and the food catering industry since 1984.


Before and after: cleaning an exhaust fan and ductOur service technicians work around your busy kitchen periods ensuring minimal disruption or unnecessary downtime. Completion Certificates are supplied for insurance and Health Authority reference.

We provide a complete set of exchange filters which enable yours to be removed, professionally cleaned, dried and stored in readiness for the next service. Canopies, range-hoods and ducting are hand cleaned with environmentally approved chemicals preventing any cross contamination.

Extraction fan units are dry cleaned by hand to prevent any electrical damage.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • exhaust extraction filter exchange service
  • rangehood & canopy cleaning
  • exhaust extraction fan cleaning
  • chimney & extraction ducting cleaning
  • return air system cleaning
  • new extraction filter supply


Before and after: cleaning an exhaust fanCleaning of your kitchen exhaust system remains one of the primary defenses of fire and health hazards, clean filters only stop 75% of grease and oil from entering the system, the remaining residue builds over time increasing its ability to ignite with the three major elements present, oxygen, heat and fuel. Regular kitchen exhaust cleaning, performed by professionals, has the benefit of minimised product contamination, enhanced public image, reduced fire risk, improved ventilation of smokes and odours, prevention of costly breakdown, compliance with Insurance regulations and Australian Standards as well health regulations, increased energy savings and a clean and healthy environment for all kitchen staff.


The cost of extraction fan and duct cleaning varies considerably and can only be determined after a site survey. Consideration must be given to ease of access, working at heights, working in confined spaces, polluted air spaces and numerous other factors.